Transport Mall to revolutionise Driver Dhabas to keep #truckers safe and stress-free

Transport Mall, a startup in the transport sector, solves this problem with the launch of their new service – Driver Dhaba – a mobile app that lets drivers find Dhabas on their routes conveniently and quickly. Transport Mall has aggregated 1,000 Dhabas in 12 states so far after grading, verifying, and certifying them on the basis of strenuous checks.The dhabas are categorised into four categories – Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Take Away. The categories are given on the basis of the facilities that these dhabas provide such as CCTV, parking, restrooms, quality food, and security guards for the safety of the vehicles. While this is just the start, the idea is to provide safer Dhabas with amenities and conveniences of the highest standard to commercial vehicle drivers across the country within the next year.

Source: Transport Mall to revolutionise Driver Dhabas to keep truckers safe and stress-free – ThePrint