The #Sikh Community of Sumatra

The Sikh Community of SumatraBY :RAGHU GURURAJ NOVEMBER 06, 2021One of the most significant days for the Sikh community is the Gurupurab, the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, which falls on 19 November this year. It would be interesting to recall the history and development of the Silk community in Sumatra on the occasion.The Sikh faith had its origins somewhere around 1500 CE in the Indian sub-continent. Guru Nanak initially propounded it as a distinct faith as compared to the other major religions at that time, viz, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, after which nine Gurus followed Guru Nanak and developed the Sikh faith and community over the next few centuries.Right from its inception as a separate religion, the Sikh community has been looking to the outside world and gradually evolved into a major immigrating and mobile community across the globe. It is said that Guru Nanak himself was the most well-traveled personality in his days. Unauthenticated reports by historians mention the visit of Guru Nanak to Sumatra but no dates have been given.

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