Survivors of war and #Partition, #Sikh ‘aunties’ settle into #coronavirus isolation

Before the outbreak, most of these women had packed schedules. Between classes, lunches, trips and family obligations, my grandmother and her friends rarely found themselves “just sitting at home.”

“It kept us going and active,” said Namina. “We would plan everything. We would go to the movies, go out for tea. Sometimes we would go to somebody’s house and sit there and talk, laugh, tell jokes. It was keeping us young.”Her friend Hardip Sibia started attending the weekly meetups a decade ago, after her husband died.

She said she found comfort in knowing other women in her community were going through what she was.“I think that’s very essential when you grow older. You want to meet people who have been through the same experiences as you have,” Sibia said. “In the last 10 years that I’ve been going to this ladies’ group, so many of the ladies have lost their husbands or have had breast cancer like me.”

Source: Survivors of war and Partition, Sikh ‘aunties’ settle into coronavirus isolation