#Sikh Women Protest for Farming Rights

By Lakhpreet Kaur Kaur

Life stands in solidarity with all of the protesting farmers and laborers in India. 250 million farmers and laborers across Indian have gone on strike and/or are protesting against the Modi government’s agricultural reforms. People have come together and unified over agrarian issues, regardless of caste, state, or ethnicity. Farmers and laborers are uniting over their pursuit of justice. It is heartwarming to see the solidarity.

At Kaur Life, our mission is to highlight the stories of Sikh women. In an effort to illustrate our support for the protesting farmers, it is this perspective we wrote about (in this article) – but it is just a single perspective in a sea of many. Agriculture is the leading source of income for more than half of India’s 1.3 billion people and so, […]

Source: Sikh Women Protest for Farming Rights – Kaur Life