#Sikh man called f*cking #Hindu, n*gger in #California

The coalition says it also remains extremely concerned about the utter inaction of local law enforcement in response to the racial slurs and graffiti on and around Claire’s property – and broader allegations of a pattern of inaction by the SCDAO in cases targeting members of marginalized communities.“No one deserves to feel threatened in their own community, and law enforcement- both police and prosecutors- simply must do better,” said Amrith Kaur Aakre, Sikh Coalition Legal Director.“Tragically, we have seen time and again that hateful interactions can lead to violent results. The case of Khalid Jabara, killed in Oklahoma in 2016 after months of verbal, bias-based harassment from a neighbor, comes to mind.”“The large Sikh population in this area is only more reason to ensure that all members of this community feel safe and secure,” Aakre added.

Source: Sikh man called f*cking Hindu, n*gger in California