Opinion: Why #SikhAmericans again feel targeted after the #Indianapolis shooting

The shooting came just days after Sikhs, who comprise the world’s fifth-largest religious community, celebrated Vaisakhi, the most significant holiday of our calendar, and also as the state of Indiana was honoring its Sikh residents with an awareness and appreciation month — one of several states to do so.The FBI has not determined the killer’s motives — and may never do so given that he turned the gun on himself and is now deceased.Sikh Americans once again feel targeted. As we come upon 20 years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and the racist backlash that ensued, we cannot ignore the long history of hate violence against Sikhs in this country. FBI hate crime data shows Sikhs to be one of the most commonly targeted religious groups — behind Jews and Muslims — in modern America.

Source: Opinion: Why Sikh Americans again feel targeted after the Indianapolis shooting – CNN