Learning To Tie His Turban Brought A #Sikh Boy Closer To His Father 

First, he says his father, who was a handyman, inspired his son to pursue engineering. From household appliances to the family car, his dad fixes everything. Sachduv says he was his father’s assistant, handing him tools and shining the torch.“He played a key role in who I am professionally,” Sachduv says.Second, Gagan and his father share an intimate Sikh tradition: tying his turban.“The first time a Sikh boy puts on his turban, there is a ceremony around it.” Sachduv says.Sachduv had his ceremony at five years old – his father tied his first turban. Sachduv began to tie his turban at school as he grew into adolescence. It wasn’t always perfect, but dad was there to help and inspire when he couldn’t get it quite right. Sachduv says his father’s turban was skillfully molded, and spans 60 square feet, unfolded. Complimented by a long beard, Sachduv says his father carries off the look flawlessly.

Source: Learning To Tie His Turban Brought A Sikh Boy Closer To His Father | Texas Standard