Kalyan Singh Kalyan – the first #Sikh Punjabi Professor in #Pakistan

Sardar Kalyan Singh Kalyan was born on December 12, 1979 in Nankana Saheb and obtained his early education in Government Gurunanak High School where students of all religions, studied. Hostel facilities were provided in the Gurduwara. He joined college in Nankana Saheb thereafter. His forefathers are servants (sevaks) at the Gurduwara. His mother Taran Kaur cooks ‘Parshad’ in the mornings and in the evenings. She is there since forty seven years. His father Sardar Isher Singh is Head Sevadaar there since ages. The way the four entrances to the Gurduwara represent the unity of four religions, the same way Kalyan’s personality offers love, peace and unity; a symbol of inter-faith harmony.

Source: Kalyan Singh Kalyan – the first Sikh Punjabi Professor in Pakistan – Daily Times