In Gurugram, after #Hindu businessman, #Gurudwaras offer space to #Muslims for namaz

Barely 3 km from the Sector 12 ground where Hindutva mobilisation has been most intense, a gurudwara committee has decided to offer Muslim worshippers both safety and space.“The Muslims were provided space by the administration to pray. Now, they are hurt and angry that they can’t offer prayers. That is understandable,” said Sidhu, 49, president of the gurudwara committee.“The doors of our gurudwaras are open to them,” he emphasised, speaking in measured tones in his modest one-room office in the gurudwara at Sadar Bazar near Sohna Chowk. “There has to be an end to this hounding.”

Source: In Gurugram, after Hindu businessman, gurudwaras offer space to Muslims for namaz