How to Feed Crowds in a #Protest or #Pandemic? The #Sikhs Know

Inside a low, brick-red building in Queens Village, a group of about 30 cooks has made and served more than 145,000 free meals in just 10 weeks.

They arrive at 4 a.m. three days a week to methodically assemble vast quantities of basmati rice, dal, beans and vibrantly flavored sabzis for New York City hospital workers, people in poverty and anyone else in search of a hot meal.This isn’t a soup kitchen or a food bank.

It’s a gurdwara, the place of worship for Sikhs, members of the fifth-largest organized religion in the world, with about 25 million adherents. Providing for people in need is built into their faith.

Source: How to Feed Crowds in a Protest or Pandemic? The Sikhs Know – The New York Times