From ‘masterji’s son’ to stand-up star & ‘Pegwant’, how dropout #BhagwantMann became #Punjab CM

Sangrur: Everyone in Satoj village claims to be a close friend or relative of Bhagwant Mann, who is set to be sworn in as Punjab Chief Minister Wednesday.“We went to school together and we’re best friends”, “He used to tell me I’m his favourite aunty”, “Whenever he’s in the village he comes to the guru ghar (gurudwara) and touches my feet”, “I have grown up in his arms”, “He’s grown up in my arms”, “Wo toh bhai hai apna (he’s my bro)” — such declarations resounded from every street corner and doorstep as ThePrint traversed Satoj.

Source: From ‘masterji’s son’ to stand-up star & ‘Pegwant’, how dropout Bhagwant Mann became Punjab CM