#Chicago #Sikhs on Operation #BlueStar, formation of identity

Parminder Singh Mann, 41, an active member of the Palatine gurdwara community, believes that the annual protests at the Indian consulate have become symbolic: “It’s almost like something that is done, it’s just done as a motion, right? Like, oh, yes, June, oh, we’re supposed to go protest. There’s no consistency.”Mann, who grew up in Chicago and helped found the University of Illinois Chicago’s first Sikh Student Association in 2000, cited new forms of expression among younger generations of Sikhs, pointing to Canadian poet Rupi Kaur’s work and the music of the recently murdered Punjabi rapper Sidhu Moosewala, as “expressing the sentiments of the Sikh community about 1984 through poetry, through songs, through art.”

Source: Chicago Sikhs on Operation Blue Star, formation of identity