A 200-year-old #gurudwara in #Balochistan resumes prayers after seven decades

Pakistan has returned a 200-year-old Sikh religious centre after restoration to the community it originally belonged to. The gurudwara earlier served as a school for Muslim girls for nearly 70 years. But now, the school has been returned to the Sikh community in Quetta.

According to the authorities, the Siri Guru Singh Gurdwara set on Masjid Road in Quetta is now being used for prayers and religious ceremonies. It is nearly seven decades later that Sikhs are able to pray at the premises, which remained empty after the partition. Most Sikhs had left the region and moved to India. The government started running a school for girls in the temple building, which was functional till date.

Source: A 200-year-old gurudwara in Balochistan resumes prayers after seven decades, Balochistan – Times of India Travel