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  • Fri

    Baisakhi 2018

    10:30 am200 E. Euless Blvd, Euless, TX

    Khalsa mayro roop hai khaas.  Khalsay meh haao karaao nivaas.

    Khalsa is my special Form; in the Khalsa, I reside.

    Guru Nanak’s teachings had been in place for fifty years when Guru Amar Das Ji sent the word out to all Sikhs to come to Goindwal for Baisakhi, as the day for the annual gathering of Sikhs.  He was the first Guru to call Sikhs together at the time of Baisakhi, the beginning of the spring harvest.

    By the time Guru Gobind Singh Ji sent out a letter calling all Sikhs to come to Anandpur Sahib for the celebration of Baisakhi in 1699, the Sikh sadh sangat had borne witness to over ninety years of Khalsa spirit triumphing over tragedy, as exemplified by Guru Arjan Dev Ji and all his successors.  Much had changed from the time of Guru Amar Das Ji’s first call to Baisakhi.  The trials and challenges to Sikh identity were intense and had come not only from outside forces, but also from family members of the Gurus themselves, and others, hungry for power and status.

    On that day of destiny for all Sikhs, Baisakhi 1699, Guru Gobind Singh began by testing the strength of Sikhs with his call for someone to sacrifice their head, which five out of thousands did.  He blessed those five beloved ones with the Guru’s Amrit, and then he, himself, asked to be blessed by the Panj Piare with the Guru’s Amrit.  Thus he established the Khalsa, a community of equals in the status among each other, yet boundless in spiritual strength and purity in the world.  They would be the custodians of this Dharma.  At the same time, he prepared himself and the entire Khalsa Panth for the inevitable and ultimate transfer of spiritual stewardship to Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

    Baisakhi 2018 will be like a "Grand Opening" event for the new Euless Gurughar, with Akhand Path starting around 10 am on Friday April 20th, with Bhog and Diwan on April 22nd. We are inviting the local civic officials, as well as the DFW Sangat to join us. We need the Sangat's help and support to make the event successful - please respond via email if you are interested in volunteering.


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Jatha of Bhai Surinder Singh does Kirtan every Sunday, with Rehras Sahib starting at 7 pm daily.

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Every Sunday: Kirtan Diwan (congregation)

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Program may extend to 1:30 pm on Gurupurabs and special Diwans, with Langar starting early for those who need to leave.

Children’s classes are held from 11 am to 12:30 pm every Sunday, except holiday breaks.

Video snapshot of where started with the new building, and where we were in December 2015.

The Sikh American Sangat of DFW came together to express solidarity with the victims of the Oak Creek, WI Gurudwara shooting, with a candlelight vigil held on August 8, 2012, at the Garland Gurudwara. More details, pictures and videos can be seen here.