Sack Lunch Project

Sikhs believe in “Sarbat da Bhala“, or prosperity and peace for humanity. In addition, one of the pillars of Sikhism is “Vand Chakna”, or sharing what you have with others.

In that “Chardi Kala” spirit, the Sikh youth of DFW started a project called the Sack Lunch Project, initially at the Euless, TX Gurudwara, but now extended to other DFW Gurudwaras as well.

This project serves a couple of purposes – feeds the hungry, while educating people about who Sikhs are. To date (August 14, 2017), over 6,700 sack lunches have been given to the needy – through organizations like Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant county and the Salvation Army.

We would appreciate your support and participation.

Each sack lunch consists of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bag of chips, a healthy snack bar, a drink, and a fruit.

120 sack lunches cost less than $199 – and are wholesome and healthy. Please contact us if you would like to participate or donate towards this seva.



You can also connect with the volunteers at the following GuruGhars:

Gurdwara Sikh Sangat (Euless): 512-762-4259
Gurdwara Nishkam Seva (Irving): (630) 207-0209
Sikh Temple of North Texas (Garland): (214) 458-4374
Gurdwara Singh Sabha (Richardson): (408) 480-6851